Welcome to my new artblog: http://www.RheaArt.com Without the kindest nudging, encouragement, vision and skill of my friend and web designer extraordinaire, Cheri Calvert http://www.chericalvert.com  this may never have come to be.  Thanks, Cheri, for being such a dynamic force in helping me to stretch out of my comfort zone and reach out for new ways to connect with others who are moved by art in some way.  We are a village!  It gives me great pleasure to share the contents of this sight with you.  Your comments are appreciated.

This is me, finding art in the moment with a cat on my shoulder.  Sometimes the world seems distorted and moving faster than me.  Sometimes I am the distorted one.  I think I captured something of that essence in this self-portrait.  Read my artist statement to learn more about my process. http://www.rheagiffin.com/statement.htm  I also encourage you to read my claimer/disclaimer.

You can now visit me on Facebook. (same claimer/disclaimer applies)