While I do love those special times when the stars align for me to connect with the world at large via this remarkable vehicle, often times my window of opportunity for such activity is small because I also love being in my studio making art, being with my family and friends, relocating misguided ants, spiders, and whatnot, imagining world peace, sweeping my floor, and a spectrum of other essential tasks or unexpected opportunities that make up the minutes of my life.  There are only so many of them in a day, and there are inevitibly always more things I want to do than what can be comfortably or uncomfortably crammed into those sixty second multiples.  As a consistently inconsistent perfectly imperfect perfectionist, I am often tortured by my unrealized good intentions.  Yet on really good days,  I can easily outmatch the Queen of Hearts in doing at least six impossible things before breakfast!  So please keep in touch when you can and I will do the same.  And please know that you matter to me even if I don’t meet up to your (or my) expectations.