Sherri Ballman – NWPMAG Member

Eastern Washington artist Sherri Ballman loves to use papier mache to express her artistic ideas. Whether her sculptures are just for fun, or designed to make one think, she takes pleasure in the fact that she’s using materials that, if not used in her artwork, would probably end up in a landfill. These materials include old tools and broken machines, along with various kinds of papers. She blends a variety of textures and paint to make her sculptures more realistic and homogenous. Sherri enjoys transforming “junk” into beautiful works of art that will be valued for many generations.


Sherri Ballman-"Tarnished Torso"-16x8x8 inches


Sherri Ballman-"Not Forgotten"-19x24x9 inches


Sherri Ballman-"Ki"-memorial urn


Sherri Ballman-"Ki"-memorial urn-back view


Sherri Ballman-"Simon"-detail

Sherri Ballman-“Shire”-38x16x5 inches

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