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Winsome Words and Curious Birds

Thursday, October 14th, 2010
A Cheerful selection of mixed-media hand-sculpted, sometimes slightly kinetic words chosen to evoke nostalgia, humor and appreciation for an abundant, yet seemingly diminishing collective vocabulary. Curious birds give tribute to communications that succeed beyond and in spite of words.


Rhea Giffin-"Up"

Rhea Giffin-"Up"

Rhea Giffin-"Hi"

Rhea Giffin-“Hi”


Rhea Giffin-"By"

Rhea Giffin-"By"

Rhea Giffin-"Zippity"

Rhea Giffin-"Zippity"

Rhea Giffin-“ThankYou”

Rhea Giffin-"Worm"

Rhea Giffin-"Gadzooks"

Rhea Giffin-"Both"

Rhea Giffin-"And"

Rhea Giffin-"Shh"

Rhea Giffin-"Smooches"

Rhea Giffin-"Amok"

Rhea Giffin-"We"

Rhea Giffin-"Us"

Rhea Giffin-"Absurd"

Rhea Giffin-"Cat"

Rhea Giffin-"Curiouser"