This Art Has Been Vandalized

E-Equals Missing

"Mindful Navigation" - E=mc2 missing!

The following text is a copy of the sign posted at my request beside “Mindful Navigation.”  It is a statement in response to my art being vandalized at the Kress Gallery.




This Art Has Been Vandalized.
Upon entering this exhibit is a sign stating
Touching Harms the Art.
It is not true.  Touching is what makes the art.
As a fellow human being, I am touched by the world around and within me.
As an artist I attempt to interpret and extend what touches me in hope of touching others.
Others are touched by art in what experiences and perceptions they bring to it.
This respectful exchange of energy is a precious gift within a civilized society.
Touching may not harm the art, but vandalizing harms us all,
Most especially the vandalizer.
I wish deep healing for us all.

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